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    Shelly Happel, MA, is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher (E-RYT 200) and Licensed Massage Therapist. She began practicing yoga in 1995 after a severe car accident and has been teaching yoga in the Tampa Bay area for 17 years. Her massage practice specializes in light & deep touch methods (Cranial-Sacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurvedic Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Reiki, and Myo-Fascial Release,) and allows her to respond to her students’ needs, moment-to-moment. Her classes are mini workshops with humor & joy. Shelly has trained in yoga and massage therapy with many internationally known and acclaimed teachers (listed below), and is always learning more so she can help her students and clients heal themselves.

    2001- Present

    2005- Present



    John Stierwalt


    & Many More

  • Shelly Yoga - What is It?


    Shelly Happel, RYT, LMT (MA-51597)

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    Restorative Yoga Experience Like No Other

    Where You Come First

    Shelly has a singular style (known as “Shelly-Yoga”) that combines yoga, body-work, music, comedy, and massage therapy. Her integrated approach will help you harmonize your inner & outer worlds and become your own best teacher. She is very hands-on, being “Licensed to Touch” and can help your yoga practice move to a more profound place where you learn to listen to your body with a compassionate and informed ear and heart. Shelly's classes begin with stretching for the neck, shoulders, back and legs, combined with core strengthening, self massage, and a short vinyasa flow. Some standing balance poses are added to make this class fun and accessible for all ages and experience levels. Shelly uses her humor, knowledge of anatomy, yoga and massage to deliver a fun and therapeutic experience. She incorporates the healing power of sound/chant/music/meditation at the end.

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    Shelly Happel, RYT, LMT (MA-51597)


    'Shelly Yoga'

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    7/7/18 -7/14/18

    Yoga Retreat

    'Shelly Yoga'

    Now Available

    12/6/18 - 12/10/18

    Yoga Cruise

    'Shelly Yoga' Available

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    I have taken Yoga at a number of places and from many different instructors. None was as fun and unpredictable as Shelly.

    #Sense of Freedom

    I came to Yoga to “get fit” and lose weight – I had no idea how my spirit needed to open up and heal. Shelly really helped me achieve a sense of freedom I was lacking. Once I let go, i lost 20 pounds of fat. Thank you Shelly for bring "Me" back.

    #PaSSION & Energy

    Shelly makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. From the very first class, I laughed and enjoyed Shelly’s enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga, and overall demeanor. It was so much fun and relaxing. Thank you Shelly for being so awesome.


    As I get older I feel myself becoming less flexible and it hurt. Shelly Yoga sessions are helping me to regain my flexibility and increase my quality of life. Thank you Shelly for being so informative about my body.

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